18 mars 2016 UZURI K&Y to revolutionize Rwanda fashion industry
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7 août 2015 How college friendship blossomed into Uzuri K&Y fashion house

Kevine and Ysolde have been friends and college classmates in creative design. We used to dream a lot our future, sharing our life perspectives and it was so pleasant the way our desire was converging on the same vision. We share passion for fashion, and we wanted very much to create jobs for our community. So we decided to join the industry in June 2013. That’s how Uzuri K&Y started. Uzuri K&Y is a Rwandan enterprise based in Kigali and registered since June 2013, designing and manufacturing a line of shoes through handcraft. With the impact of creating jobs in the handcraft sector, from the workshop located in KICUKIRO,GAHANGA RN/RD 15 ; the two partners, Kevine and Ysolde, have trained a team of 22 shoe makers who produce high quality handcrafted shoes for women and men.

With 22 shoe makers and high technology equipments required recently, the company is capable of producing production of 6,000 pairs a month. We currently sell our products in our two stores located in the city-center of Kigali, the Kigali airport international Airport and at the Kigali heights commercial building opening from November 2016, this will also serve as our nearby office. Apart from targeting, the East African market, On the Export level, we are also looking forward to selling on different markets in the world. PS : for your orders please contact info@uzuriky.com

Minimum order starts with 150 pairs of shoes with negotiable prices starting from 15 USD as the minimum price.
Wholesale prices, we offer FOB wholesale prices to the international buyers while for the local and regional buyers there are delivery options.

Vision and mission

The vision of UZURI K&Y is to be a well-known international footwear brand in a world where Rwanda is a recognised origin of fashion items.

Our mission is to provide affordable footwear of constantly improving quality to fashion-lovers both at home and all over the world. Inspired by our African heritage, the footwear is designed in Rwanda and handcrafted by local people. Creating employment especially for women and youth is at the heart of our business

So far the company has trained 25 local women and youth who are less privileged to access formal education. Furthermore, we are committed to train 100 more women and youth shoemakers by the end of 2020. The capacity building offered has proven to being key to job employment in the Gahanga Village. It is in that order that our workshop has created a Village Creative Center where every six months 10 competitive interns are enrolled ; where they are able to gain both theory and practical skills.

Quality Assurance

We have developed a handcraft idea of weaving upper parts of our products and later they have to be measured on lasts to create standards sizes. The out soles are either made out of recycled tire or TPR. We use a range of materials including high quality Plant leather, and Canvas, and colorful fabric.Furthermore,our brand chose to use plant leather in order to play a role in protecting animals in Africa that have to be brutally everyday.

Product Uniqueness

The strong colors are inspired by the African prints. While the Rwandan context comes from weaving as a tradition.

The staff

The team is lead by Kevine Kagirimpundu as the managing Director of UZURI K&Y and Ysolde as the Chief Finance officer.Both partners are the Creative Directors of the brand as well.


is based on timelines suggested by the buyer. Our company is ready to meet timelines agreed between the buyer and the company. We create a calendar depending on the quantity ordered.

Distribution channels

From the workshop, the products are taken to two shops in UTC and the Kigali international Airport. Also, from the workshop to the trade fairs around the world or to the buyers. For your orders please contact sales@uzuriky.com