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Our team

The team behind the brand is made of 25 amazing people who work hand-in-hand, day-by-day to cut, handcraft, assemble, finish and sell UZURI K&Y shoes.


Creative department

Kevine & Ysolde are passionate about footwear and work closely with our team to produce culturally-inspired shoes for our clients. They research for trends, make sketches and prototypes, source suitable materials to ensure quality.


This department is the entire cycle of the production. Ntacogora Francois is self-taught shoe-maker who has been in the shoe-repair business for over twenty years. The shoe-makers and designers work together, developing techniques and ensure well-designed functional shoes. Alice Tuyishimire, our quality assurance expert, works with the team to ensure that we continually provide fashion-lovers with better shoes.


Plant Leather, Canvas, Fabrics and liners are cut with the help of a machine so we can start the production cycle.These two young men have been very helpful in managing and developing ways to hand-cut these materials as fast as possible so that we can produce at least 200 pairs per day.


The weaving department is the most interesting, it does not have rules, and we have so much fun bringing new ideas. Alice Iradukunda and Jeanette Kiberinka are two inspiring young women who use their hands to weave and tie together materials ensuring stability and strength. We have developed different ways of weaving and these two do it perfectly.


Jeanette Uwamariya and Ntacogora Francois are the two wonderful people who sew all the materials together ready for final assembly.

Assembling and Finishing

Jeanine Ufitinema is a powerful woman who basically do a job that was supposed to be for men. She helps us put together pieces that have been cut, handcrafted and sown with the mid soles in order to create the right size intended. With the help of a lasting heavy duty machine.


Jean Marie Iradukunda is the right-hand-man of the company. In addition to dealing with suppliers, he also manages local orders, store sales and makes sure the stores have enough products.Furthermor, Betty Mukunzi manages our stores and the 5 saless men who work 24 hours to sell and organize the stores.

Outsoles and insoles

Jean De Dieu and Jean Pierre help us to prepare the patterns with the actual materials. They also cut and finish the basments to create smooth edges with the help of a buffing machine.